Soft Values with Hard Impact

Soft values with hard impact is our method to achieve the wellbeing of employees by implementing interventions on organisational, group and individual level.

How we work

By understanding the values of your organisation, your business strategy and what you want to achieve. We support you to explore where you want to be, – your aspirations, and to find the opportunities, that will ignite the spark and to create the energy and motivation to change.   

About us

Annika Svensson Dalgren has a strong corporate background in senior and executive roles and is certified for board level assignments. Works with ease in both English and Swedish.

Present assignments

District Governor Nominee Rotary International  acting 2026/27

Vice Chairman Stiftelsen för Rotary Ungdomsutbyte 2021 – ongoing

Vice Chairman Brottsofferjouren Mellersta Skåne 2016 – ongoing

Contact us

Annika Svensson Dalgren

Bredgatan 18B
22221 Lund

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