Leading change when given a rough hand

A story from my year as President for Lund International Rotary Club shared how crisis management can be handy in times when Covid 19 strikes.

The biggest challenge was to keep the club together during the Coronavirus crisis which started to affect us at the beginning of March.

When given a rough hand, I decided to continue our delivery of club meetings virtually. It was done by acting with a big inclusive heart and fast feet to get up and running with virtual meetings after only two cancelled meetings. I am proud of that, since it takes courage, and a strong inner compass to know for sure that this is the right thing to do, to keep the club together, compared to cancelling meetings or to continue with meetings at our venue.

This had a very positive effect on our attendance since it doubled. Therefore, it made me happy that it was so appreciated by members, a safe environment, where we all listened to each other’s experiences during the dramatic beginning of the pandemic.

It has also inspired fellow Rotarians, the district, and clubs on other continents. Positive side effects are that we now have members that can join the meetings, living elsewhere and on other continents, still being active in our club, and members have got to know each other more.

I’m more than happy to share how we did it.